Darrell’s Cajun Malitons

“Maliton” (pronounced MAL-E-TAWN) is the Cajun name for merliton.

Merliton, also known as chayote (pronounced chi-YHO-tay) squash, were brought to this country from Mexico and Central America.


Darrell’s Cajun Mailitons Ingredients: Merlitons, vinegar, jalapeno peppers

  • Made with Fresh Jalapeno Peppers Only
  • Contains No Water – because water destroys the texture of the merliton

Malitons have been prepared this way for over a hundred years. My father, God bless his soul, made pickled malitons for over 50 years.

Interesting Facts About Mirlitons 

  • Common Name: Chayote (chi-YOH-tay)
  • Origin in Mexico and Central America
  • Pear-shaped, pale green squash, with mildly-sweet flavor; contains an edible seed. Mild flavor lends itself to creative seasoning combinations.
  • Used raw in salads or slaws. Can also be pickled. steamed, boiled, sauteed, or stuffed and baked.