Grocer Supply

Grocery and convenience stores throughout South Louisiana have had great success with Darrell’s Cajun Products on the shelf.  Call Darrell today at (337) 224-8517 to make arrangements.


DISPLAY SHELVES available for quantity buyers at no extra cost. Darrell Broussard Cajun Products, LLC will install and maintain three-tier display shelves capable of holding 10 jars of product per shelf.

Suggested Product Merchandising Arrangement:

Top Shelf: Darrell’s Cajun Malitons
Middle Shelf: Darrell’s Cajun Hot Quail Eggs
Bottom Shelf: Darrell’s Cajun Mild Quail Eggs

Please Note:  Shelf units are for displaying products made by Darrell Broussard Cajun Products, LLC. Shelf units will remain the property of Darrell Broussard Cajun Products, LLC.